mindy Rolfe

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Monday 9-4
Tuesday 10-6
Wednesday- Closed
Thursday 10-7
Friday 9-5
Saturday 9-3
Sunday- Closed

About Mindy

Hi! I'm Mindy! I've been in the beauty industry since 2009 and I absolutely love it, I think it was made for people just like me! I was born with a desire to connect with others and a creative mind hungry to create! These qualities allow me to communicate, build trust and creatively collaborate with you!
     I've spent many years furthering my education and will continue to do so for me and for you! One of my favorite certifications is with Keratherapy! I've tried many keratin smoothing treatments and I stand behind this one wholeheartedly.
     My clients tell me all the time that I should have been a therapist...but every body knows "hair therapy" is way more fun! I'll see you in my chair!

Service Menu

Hair Care Services

Women's Haircut $38
Men's Haircut $28
Child's Cut (0-6) $18
Child's Cut (7-12) $25
Shampoo & Style $26
Updo $65

Hair Color

Color $70
Highlight $90
Balayage $120
Color Gloss $20
Individual Foils $5
Color Correction by Consultation

Hair Therapy Services

Manna hair Extensions

Keratin Treatment $250-$300
Keratherapy Express
Smoothing Treatment $75 
   ($50 when added to service)
Hand Tied Extensions $1000-$1400
       (Consultation Require)
Hand Tied Reinstall $100 per row