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The Full Story

Lavish Hair Studio and Spa  opened its doors in 2016 but was established as a dream years before that by best friends and owners Colleen and Kristi. They had both dreamed of owning their own businesses yet still wanted to work together and help other aspiring entrepreneurs flourish...and so Lavish was born! Colleen, a young new mom to two babies and Kristi just 25 years old, they spent over a year, all of their savings and every ounce of spare time building a space that would be comfortable, inviting and fun for clients and other entrepreneurs alike! Heart, soul and lots of love went into Lavish and we hope every one of you can feel that when you come through our doors!


In 2020 we were outgrowing our original salon and went on the search for a bigger space! When we walked into our new space, which had previously been a well known and well respected salon for years, it immediately hit our hearts as home! Six months of renovations later, we opened the doors to our new location in July of 2021. 

So who makes up the Lavish family and how did they come to be? One by one over the years 13 of the most talented, smart, ambitious, fun loving and hard working business owners have joined the team, creating the Lavish family! The love and respect we all have for one another is unmatched! The epitome of a "collective" our passion for our work and our clients brings us together to work seamlessly to bring a fun, efficient and warm experience to all of our clients! Be prepared to joke and laugh with us because we do a lot of that! 


Welcome to Lavish! We look forward to seeing you again and again!  Thank you for choosing us! 


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